XWP Links

XWP Websites:



Lesbian Subtext in Xena Episodes

Subtext Virtual Seasons


Passion & Perfection (X/G)

The Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Xena Warrior Princess

Xena: Warrior Princess on Feminist SF Wiki

Lunacy’s Fan Fiction Reviews

Xena Central

Xena Movie Campaign

Xena & Ubers

The Xena Library

Planet-solin’s fan fiction

Melissa Good’s fan fiction


XWP Discussion Forums:

Talking Xena

Xena Online Community


Norsebard’s (my proofreader’s) fan fiction:

RAoB Norsebard Author Page


Silvermoonlight’s Fan Art and Fan Fiction:

Silvermonlight’s Ink And Quill

Silvermoonlight’s Artwork

Silvermoonlight’s FanFiction

XWP Classic:

My Only Desire Is To Touch Your Soul  (Set Before The Waking Light Series)

XWP The Waking Light Series:

Up On The Reaches Of The Darkest Moonlight

As The Winged Serpent Rises

Embrace The Waking Light

XWP Alternative Universe:

Shattering Of The Silver Light



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